Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michael Caine is My Father, and Harry Brown

I imagine myself in good company when I say this: I fucking love revenge films. Braveheart is my torchbearer; this, the most ambitious ["This time it's personal." Unreal.] I'd recommend Law Abiding Citizen to anyone who shares this passion--a horrendous film for which Jamie Foxx should have committed seppuku.  Whenever I need a little spark in my life, I turn to this genre*, which led the lady and me to watch Harry Brown last night.

Before Mr. Brown went on his rampage, I said this: "He needs to get a least five kills to make it worth it. But I'd love to see fifteen." Five kills is the minimum for good revenge. In a film going for realism, like this one, 15 is the max. Mr. Brown hit six. It was perfect.  

And, for a moment, like a shot of Jack on an empty stomach, I felt warm & energized. Then I switched over to Spaceballs--The Animated Series and I was back to normal. My wife must fantasize about killing me 47 minutes a day.

*Others might prefer the underdog story--Rudy, A Few Good Men, Rocky, The Godfather--when looking for a lift. Fuck that. Those stories depress me.

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